Woodland Star Rating

To establish a baseline position, the wood in its then-current state (at June 2013) was assessed according to the Woodland Star Rating scheme. This scheme is based on the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) and aims to

  • make more people aware of the UKFS
  • encourage sustainable forest management in all woodland
  • promote greater understanding of good woodland stewardship among the general public
  • act as a stepping stone to the production of a UKFS-compliant management plan, and for those owners with an existing plan, to communicate the standard of their stewardship to others.

The assessment score is based on activities within the categories of General Forestry Practice, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Historic Environment, Landscape, People, Soil, Water, Management Plan. Over the two years 2013-2015 the assessment for Sable Wood increased from 48% to over 60%, keeping it within the Bronze standard.