Events in 2018

Overall, the main progress and events in 2018 consisted of:

  • Removal of last remaining significant rhododendron shrubs. Two specimens had been left on the east side of central footpath FP241 but they were cut down in December 2018. Periodic patrols throughout the wood are necessary to uproot new shoots.
  • Continued thinning of Scots pine in subcompartment Com 1 to protect and extend the area of heather there.
  • Thinning of Scots pine in subcompartment Com 2 to encourage the growth of existing native deciduous species.
  • Continued extension of the network of dead hedging constructed from felled pine, birch and uprooted rhododendron and gautheria. The ultimate aim is a continuous network running throughout the wood.
  • Installation of steps towards the lower end of footpath FP241.


Before - footpath FP241 showing erosion

After - with new steps installed

17 Nov Installed steps towards lower end of footpath FP241. Unlike the steps built at the top of this footpath in autumn 2017 which used logs felled in Sable Wood, these new steps were constucted from engineered, treated timber and machined off-site. Dead hedging was added alongside the steps to prevent soil erosion and to better define the edge of the public footpath.

July Repainted lettering of 'Sable Wood' signs at north, south and southeast entry points.

April Final section of palisade added to steps built last Oct/Nov.

March Felled large number of conifers in subcompartment Com 3 in order to admit more sunlight to this darker area of wood.

February Felled large Scots pines in subcompartment Com 2. Moved a quantity of brash left by Forestry Commission felling onto top slope. Planted further Liriodendron tulipfera near Point TN.

Felled conifers to the west of Marjorie's Path to protect and expand the small area of heathland there. Created a new line of dead hedging at the south edge of the heather and extending almost to the top footpath (FP237) near to the steps.

January Cleared re-emergent gaultheria and rhododendron in subcompartment Com 2.